An Independent Voice of Reason, Experience and Action

We All Win With Kerwin because she will

  • Oppose the broken ideologies of the extreme left and right, and support smart solutions that benefit Troy and Clawson no matter which party proposes them
  • Create an environment for successful private sector job creation and fight for policies that release job creators and entrepreneurs to do what they do best—get Michigan working again
  • Promote our public schools and return control to our communities instead of the out-of-touch bureaucrats in Lansing
  • Repeal the Pension Tax for seniors who have worked hard and have earned their retirement; it is time to send a message to Lansing that enough is enough
  • Return State Revenue to our communities so that we guarantee public safety, good roads and quality services

Mary Kerwin is running for the State House of Representatives for Troy and Clawson. With fifteen years of elected and appointed experience and twenty four years of community involvement, she demonstrates her deep commitment to serving others.


Lansing is currently at a standstill, deeply divided. We need leaders who will reach across the aisle and will find solutions to the problems we all face. It’s the ONLY way to move forward, because paralysis doesn’t benefit anyone, and standing still just isn’t working.

Let’s send a leader to Lansing who will focus on jobs and bring back resources to our communities, so we can attract businesses and entrepreneurs. We need our state shared revenue back to maintain our roads, desirable neighborhoods, top notch public safety and great schools.